Dessert run with Damnvixen


Me, Kat and Isabeau.  My fellow Tita.

Last month, I had fun catching up with my blogger friends.  Kat from Frozen Margarita and Isabeau from The Vixen’s Lair.  We had our sumptuous dinner at Cafe Saree, we catched up with our daily gossips and enjoyed the food between updates on our blogs, personal life and work loads.  It was pretty nice spending the evening with my ladies, right after we drop Kat off, Isabeau and I decided to stop over for some desserts.  First stop was at Sprocketeers but sad to say, they don’t have the desserts we were looking for, so we opted to go to Dessert Factory at Lahug Cebu.  After settling down, we then realized that this could be a new topic for our blogs, so we decided to do a bi-monthly date during our monthly periods to give in to our monthly cravings when it comes to Sweets.

Isabeau had their Red Velvet Cake, the cake was very rich and I love the satisfaction of the creamcheese on it, however I picked the weirdest combination for dessert, their chocolate milkshake and their Mango Napoleones.  The chocholate milkshake was so heavy it made me full right away but oh dear, the mango napoleones is so perfect to satisfy my cravings of Bacolod delicacies. Dessert Factory did an amazing job, in adding mango on their napoleones to reduce the sweetness of the dessert.  I really recommend their Mango Napoleones, I’ve heard they are always sold out.  So I leave you with these stunning food photos to make you itch and head directly to do your own dessert run.



PensandLens x Damnvixen


Dessert Factory’s Red Velvet Cake


Chocolate Milkshake and their Mango Napoleones


Mandatory, duo Selfie.


The Cuartel


The Cuartel, Oslob Cebu


Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepcion Church



I told you it’s perfect for an OOTD shot.

Part of our Summer outing last year, was a short trip at The Cuartel, since the boyf and I were already in the area after our Whale Shark adventure, we opted to visit the heritage park in Oslob.  Oslob is a municipality located in the southeastern part of the province of Cebu.  It is very famous for their whale-shark watching activities, but the boyf was more ecstatic upon knowing the history and whereabouts of the heritage park.  The Cuartel is located front-right of the church of Oslob, just outside the perimeter stone fence and near the sea, stands an unfinished building made of coral blocks resembling a Spanish-era barracks.  This was intended to be the Cuartel, barracks for Spanish soldiers or guardia civil (Wikipedia, Oslob Cebu ).  Of course, knowing the history made the boyf very interested to explore the area.

We got up at exactly at 6am to drive to the Cuartel, it was gloomy but he was a happy kid touching the coral walls and discovering the remnants of the past.  He was even braved enough to climb the walls and played a part as a Spanish soldier.  We continued to walked and discovered the area and enjoyed the breeze of the sea as early as 6am.  I cannot say much about the ruins, I guess I don’t really appreciate this kind of art, however, the boyf has always been a fan of history, trust me he watches a lot of history channel.  But what I did was take endless photos of myself because the place looks so surreal and perfect for a selfie, portrait shots and a bit of travel OOTD.  Hahahhaha! Enjoy the photos.



Dress: Forever21

Hoodie: Forever21

Flip-Flop: Havaianas

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

Sunnies: H&M


My waiting in vain pose.


And the boyf’s waiting but smiling pose.


Caught doing a selfie. Hahahahha!



To Heaven (Osmena Peak x2)


GoPro Shots.


Camping ground.


On top of the peak.

This is a very outdated post, I forgot I have a lot of drafts saved waiting to be publish.  It is kind of weird that 2014, was such a crazy but fun year.  So here, I am hoping that I can write again for this little space of mine regularly.  So let me go ahead and start with my second trip to Osmena Peak.  I was able to trek the peak January of 2013 with friends, it was such a wonderful adventure but going back there for the second time around with a very important person makes the trip so worthwhile.  So the boyf and I had an impromptu trip for the Holy Week, we drove towards Dalaguete and left the car in a secured parking area.  As always I was the one who carries a lot of baggage.  Good thing, the boyf was kind enough to carry almost all my bags.

The kids going to the peak remembered me during my first trip, they even mock around on how slow I can in climbing the peak.  We traverse the same trail, after almost an hour walking, we finally arrived at the peak at around 5 in the afternoon.  There were also campers there, we found a spot, unpacked our gears and prepared for the night.  We did not stay up late because we were totally tired from all the walking, what we wanted to see is how the sun shines and the clouds on top of the peak.

We slept just right, even though I had troubles with the rocky ground.  In the morning, we woke up just perfect for the sun to shine, the boyf was amazed at how heavenly the clouds looked.  We then climb the peak and took some amazing shots.  The boyf became quiet adventurous and decided to climb another peak besides the highest one on the area.  It was another challenge for me, but alas I was able to survive with no injuries at all.

One thing I will never forget about the trip is how we remembered our first date.  Our date consists of trekking through the mountains of Mambukal in order to reach the 7th waterfalls in Negros.  Now, we are back trekking again but this time in Cebu.  I guess we both are made for little adventures.  So enough of the story telling,  I will let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy! Click here, if you want to know my first Osmena Peak Adventure.


Panorama Shot with my Iphone.


Cotton Candy on top of the peak.




See the peak 360 degrees.





One of my favorite shot with my favorite person.


What’s new 2015?




We’ve already said our goodbyes to 2014; now we have embraced 2015 as if last year’s miseries and heartaches never existed.  This year’s New Year celebration was a bit different since it was only me and my mom who celebrated the year with a bang.  It was pretty sad that my dad and younger brother cannot go home for the holidays due to work reasons, so the best remedy for two lonely girls is to party for the New Year.  My mom and I were all dolled up for the big celebration even though I was feeling under the weather that night but I took a couple of vitamins and medicines just to get me through the night.

Even though I was down with the flu, I did manage to dress up nicely, wore my black dress, put on some make-up and my favorite ombre lipstick combination.  I didn’t knew yet what styles are going to be a hit for this year, so it was pretty safe that my LBD was a good choice even though I had to check a couple of times to check on their latest collection but nonetheless, I was able to survive the night feeling pretty and glam.  After all, what mattered most was my mom and I enjoyed the night together even though I had to survive the night minus the dancing on the dance floor but who cares?  I had lots of fun drinking wine and just loving the music together with one of my favorite person my mother.  How about you?  How did you celebrate your New Year?  Was it fun?  Anyways, Happy New Year again guys!




Dress: Forever21

Necklace: Forever21

Shoes: Follie

My 2014

2013 wasn’t so bad, it was a year of exploring, knowing, understanding, valuing and loving myself more.  I knew one year was never enough to enjoy what life has to offer but I guess I’ve moved on maturely and fast enough to not linger on goodbyes and heartbreaks.

When 2014 came, all I had in mind was to live and love my life even more but little did I know, that 2014 will become my year.  Although it was not a smooth sailing year, there were a few bump on the road, heartbreaks, crazy moments but to sum it up, 2014 was entirely filled with pure adventure and love.  So how did my 2014 turn into?  Here’s a recap of how blissful my year was, there were tough lessons that needed to be learned, new discoveries in life and of course life’s gentle reminder to live my life to the fullest.


JANUARY – My year started with a big bang but the harsh truth of being single slapped me a couple of times when we had our family trip in Palawan.  Although I had to endure three days of being left alone amidst the comfort of my family yet at every end of the day, I always remind myself that I do not need someone to complete me, I still have the love and support of my family and friends.  On top of that, I still value my freedom and I haven’t found the perfect person who would respect my independence.  But of course, as crazy as I am, I had some epic and crazy episodes of consuming alcohol beyond my limit which led  me to lose a couple of my eyelids nevertheless I’ve realized so many things and finally understood the complex definition of loving yourself first above anything else.


FEBRUARY – What a bittersweet month, this happened to be my second valentines being single and celebrating it with my dear blessed friends.  But this year’s valentines was a bit special, I was overjoyed with love and attention from everyone who expressed their love and affection for me.  I’ve fully understood my purpose and journey, of course a big tap on my shoulder because I have never held on to the pain anymore, I’ve matured enough to accept and let go of all heartbreaks in life.  I have valued to love myself more and when everything fell into place, I was able attract the right people into my life.  As the song goes “I didn’t know I was looking for love, until I found you…”  So I guess when you are not looking for it, love comes knocking directly at your door.


MARCH – Oh this month, my stress level went up.  This month was such a wreck, a roller coaster ride, all the crazy turns, bumpy twirls and flash twists that you can imagine were endured during this month.  I had to close down all my social media accounts and kept it private for a while.  To cut the story short, I was bombarded with a lot of negative outbursts which led me to keep my silence for a while.  I kept my cool and decided to ignore it, I was the one, mature enough to ignore all the racy comments and I have humbled myself to understand everything.  I was even nice enough to entertain calls even though I have every right to ignore it, I had my hopes up that everything will turn the right way but I guess, I expected a lot.  I was wrong in believing that there is still good left in humanity.  But then, I’ve survived the month with less cuts and burn.


APRIL – Sometimes, when life gives you all the crazy hardships, it will turn the table around, in the end it will give you the life you deserve.  Even though I had to endure another long and crazy bump, but I was lucky enough that I have the saving grace of my friends.  We had to go through another internet squabble but thank heavens my friends had my back.  It was a long and winding journey, luckily my friends are not the type who judge a person easily, they kept their views open and respected each and everyone’s opinion because at the end of the day we were the ones who can sleep soundly at night.  April was not a flawless month but it ended perfectly.  It was a blissful summer with the boyf, we’ve traveled all around Cebu and discovered more about each other, I guess when you deserve a good life, it will generally be handed down to you.


MAY – Being in a Long Distance Relationship was one of the greatest challenge I had to face this year.  I was never the LDR type of girl but I never thought that my current relationship will last this long.  With a leap of faith and a strong desire to work things out, we’ve endured another month of being apart, good thing the boyf had some extra days back in Cebu and we made memories all over again.


JUNE – Another crazy school term.  Surviving my first year in Law School made me realize that I am still capable of doing what I am good at.  But this time it’s a bit different, I had to juggle my time with my family, friends, law school, my personal life and love.  It was a rough start, but I guess I’ve battled a lot of wars not to survive this one. Aside from the school year starting, I had the best consolation before the school started, I traveled to Singapore and spent my weekend in Negros.  I choose to live my life to the fullest without getting affected by negativity.  I’ve continued to live my life in peace and happiness.


JULY – The birth month of my two favorite person.  It was indeed special because it was the first time we had to celebrate his birthday together.  But the highlights of this month was our special trip.  It was during this trip which strengthen our bond together, there were a lot of secrets that we’ve shared and of course, moments which tested our relationship.  This was the time we’ve realized that we both are a beautiful mess and together we create such beautiful memories to balance all the disasters we had in our pasts.


AUGUST – One of the most reckless month of all, midterms was taking a lot of my time, another bump came to place but good thing we were able to surpass it like an easy A.  We’ve been tested through time but our love had stood still amidst everything.  We were aware that we both had our crazy and complicated pasts but it didn’t stop us from accepting our flaws and acknowledging our mistakes.  We always compliment each others weaknesses and imperfections, that’s why we come out stronger as ever.


SEPTEMBER – Everything went by in a flash, this was the month which highlighted and sealed the deal.  Finally after 6 long months he met my mother, which is definitely a deal breaker.  The meet up was a success and I was happy as a joyful bee.


OCTOBER – I always look forward every month for a new adventure and I guess I’ve been spoiled enough that I always get what I want.  However I was given the hardest test of all time, it tested how strong I am as a person, good thing my friends and the partner was supportive enough to understand my break down.  I had to be strong not only for myself but for the entire family, I’ve realized that being the eldest in the family, you are obliged to feel the burden and the greater weight is in your hands.  But with great faith, I was able to endure the heavy burden and lifted it all to our higher God.  At the day’s end I’ve stood tall and proud, stronger than ever with God’s grace and the love of my family, friends and the partner. I came out as a survivor.


NOVEMBER – Giving back what I received this year, I couldn’t put into words how blessed I am.  I was so excited to turn 29, of course my birthday was one of the greatest highlights of this month but the best thing that ever happened was sharing what I have.


DECEMBER – Loneliest holiday, my mom and I had to celebrate the holidays without my two brothers and my dad.  Even though it was not the usual loud and happy holiday, we managed to celebrate it with our dear friends.  I was even given a chance to celebrate Christmas with the boyf.  For me, it was indeed a merry merry christmas minus the happy and crazy holiday cheers from the entire family.

I guess it was not a short recap but I am happy that I’ve shorten some months, so that I wouldn’t suck the life out of you because of boredom hahahaha!  Again,  I am super thankful for all the wonderful things that happened to me this year, despite all the trials and tribulation I am happy that all these bump in the road made me what I am today.  I am still thankful to those who have hurt me, without you I could have not appreciated what I have.  Above all I am wishing everyone a joyous new year.  I hope that the coming year everyone will find the peace and everlasting love just like I did.  And of course, I am hoping that 2015 will be another great year not only for me but for everyone else.  Spreading my happy hormones to each of my followers, family and friends.  Happy New Year again!