Romancing the Ruins



The sturdy structure of The Ruins.

Out of the ordinary LOVE happened, this post is the last leg for my Eat, Pray and Love adventure last February apart from the Trekking adventure in Mambukal.  I know, it took awhile for me to post this because I’ve been swamped with school, personal life, and workloads.  I didn’t even know how it happened but it just happened, what could have been a short escapade became a long term commitment, something unexpected just turned everything upside town in a magical way.  The last part on my Bacolod Trip was to visit the famous Ruins of Negros Occidental.  I’ve heard a lot of reviews of the place, so I made sure to visit the place and witness first hand how exceptional it is.

The Ruins has been awarded as one of the best landmark in the Philippines and is considered to be the Taj Mahal of Negros.  Why Taj Mahal?  It is because of its background story.  It is situated in Talisay City, Negros Occidental just 10 kilometers from Silay International Airport.  The place is what remained to be the grand mansion of Don Mariano Lacson who built it after the death of his first wife, Maria Braga.  I cannot further describe the interiors of the mansion because that is not really my expertise but as I walk around the entire place, it feels like I am time traveling to the very first day it was built.  The garden feels like I am trapped somewhere in a vineyard in Italy, it is really a perfect place for romantic dates and adventures.


By far one of my favorite shots.




So what really unfold on the last chapter of my short trip?  I’d say it’s like being in cloud nine and I wish I would never ever have to go back to reality.  The romantic music and ambiance of the place added to how everything worked perfectly.  Two souls who met in an unexpected time, in an extraordinary way yet they fit perfectly for each other is such a cliche for a mushy post such as this one.  Yet I cannot find the perfect words to describe what really happened, because honestly speaking it just happened right there and then.  It was more than the sparks and the butterflies, it was everything.

So there, I’d just like to show you how magical it is and bring you back in time where love is all that seems to matter.  Where in love is such a force field that makes everything fall in to place.  Because for me, I didn’t have to comprehend the why’s and the how’s, I just embraced it, took a leap of faith and accepted that finally love has knocked on my heart.  I gave it a big shot and I guess, it may have been a careless decision at first but it was one of the best careless decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.

How about you?  Are you ready for your own Eat, Pray and Love adventure?  Just a simple note, do it for yourself and not for anybody else.  Do it because you think you deserve the little surprises that life has to offer.  There is a big world out there waiting to be explored, choose wisely, you might be amazed how everything will turn out.  Enjoy!


Top: Cotton On

Skirt: Forever21

Tote Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sandals: FitFlop

Eyewear: H&M



Picture perfect with the boyf.


The Ruins at night.





29 Sweet Years


As much as I wanted to deny and stop the hands of time so that I can prolong and slow down the inevitable but I guess all I can do is accept with arms wide open the harsh truth that I am officially 29 and I’ve got 11 months more to go before I reach 30.

Turning 29 is not so bad after all, I think I got use to the birthday greetings, the jokes and the deadlines people are trying to remind me.  Unlike last years celebration, I decided to split my birthday into two events since the family affair was in collaboration with another family gathering.
Last year, I asked my guests to share their blessings by giving hygienic kits for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda instead of giving me their presents, so this year I shared my blessings to the less fortunate, good thing the boyf helped out with the distribution of goodies and food for the street children of Snr. Sto. Nino.
I was also ecstatic that I had to celebrate my birthday with my dear and close friends, I gathered my law school buddies, crazy friends and my closed friends in a night of cook out.  I was pretty lucky that the boyf came just in time for my party to help me out.  He was assigned in grilling the barbecue while I had to prepare the rest of the food.  It was a night of endless chats, fun moments and getting to know everyone that is important in my life.
With an added touch of surprise from the boyf and from my friends who gave me the biggest thrill with their birthday present, it was indeed a crazy birthday celebration.  Even though I had to attend my extended birthday party with the entire family clan the next day, but my cookout ended at 5 in the morning with a heavy hangover.  So literally I had to be awake for almost 48 hours, I am pretty impressed with my energy level, the boyf even complained where I got my energy, hahahahha!
Double birthday celebration with my Uncle Rich.  
the boyf and I during my birthday at Westown Lagoon.
I am beyond thankful for everyone who sent their greetings and birthday wishes.  I am so grateful for everyone who remembered my day and to all the people who made it on my special day.  Thank you so much for everything.  I couldn’t asked for anything else, I am totally blessed and grateful for everything.  If there is only one thing left on my birthday wish, I think our might God already knows what I’ve been praying for a long time already.  Still keeping my fingers crossed but for now, I am enjoying being 29, it’s not as scary and as bad as it sounds.  Enjoy the photos! Kisses xoxox!
Cakes from my lovies.

Words to the wise

I was browsing the internet last night and I happen to read this statement. It best describes my predicament about certain things, how I see others and how honesty can be rare in most persons. I just wanted to share this to you.

“When someone lies on others and paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects is the definition of a narcissist human being. This also carries the traits of a hypocrite and that type of person will be offended by the truth, but I will say this, what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing peoples true colors and the honest at heart will always prevail. So be careful what you say and make sure you tastes your words before you spit them out because remember lies always have a way of showing the truth so if you are that person, be scared be very scared, your true colors will show and you will remain a fool that will be the title you carry.”

Words, deep honest words. Have a great day! Mwuah xoxox

Community welcomes arrival of clean toilets in “Fiesta” video

It’s a scene typically played out during fiestas: People rushing to the streets, drawn to the sound of a marching band. Everyone is smiling, eager to see the “star” of the celebration. But instead of showing the face of a movie celebrity, a beauty queen or a politician, the video reveals an unlikely, yet welcome sight—a new, clean toilet facility.

Aptly titled “Fiesta”, the Domex video, produced by Unilever Philippines, is available on Youtube and shows how underprivileged Filipinos welcome the “arrival” of clean toilet facilities in their communities. “The video aims to make people realize the value of a toilet which most of us, unfortunately, take for granted,” said Dennis Chua, Domex Brand Manager.

The “Fiesta” video contributes to the efforts of Domex’s One Million Clean Toilets Movement. Each unique view translates into a pledge for the advocacy campaign which collects pledges from households to conscientiously maintain their own hygienic bathrooms. For every pledge received, Domex will donate P5 to UNICEF’s sanitation program, towards improving access to basic sanitation in deprived areas around the world, including the Philippines.

“By watching the ‘Fiesta’ video and asking our friends to watch it, we are not only raising awareness for toilet appreciation and sanitation, more importantly, we are helping less privileged communities gain access to clean toilet facilities,” said Benjie Yap, Unilever Foods and Home Care Vice President.

Clean toilets, germ-free communities

All over the country, people are welcoming the construction of new toilet facilities and the repair of dilapidated ones, since becoming aware of its role in disease prevention, especially among children.

According to the Department of Health, of the estimated 3,420 diarrhea-related deaths among Filipino children under 5 every year, around 2,000 could have been prevented by access to safe water, improved toilet sanitation and personal hygiene.

“This video should serve as a wake-up call for most of us. The little things we take for granted, like having a clean toilet, could mean the world to others and could definitely help save lives,” Chua said.

The sign (red string of fate)


I still remember that night when I was chitchatting with my friends. The conversation went on when we shared what signs we were asking from God if we’ve found our soulmates. Most of them had weird signs, while I kept it simple.

However, after 7 failed relationships and countless dates, nobody has ever had the luck of completing that sign. Not even my 12 year old relationship hit the bullseye. That’s when I realize that God is probably reserving “the one” for me. I still remembered when my ex (the 12 year guy) gave me a surprise and I was quite disappointed since it was not the sign I asked for, I asked him why he gave me that surprise, he said he was planning to give me (that thing: the sign) but it was not available when he wanted to buy it. I was disappointed, hurt and was broken but I eventually realized that God really has better plans for me.

So now, as I turn another chapter in my life I am still waiting for that person who can give me the sign. It’s like the movie “Serendipity” if you are meant to be, fate will bring you together and of course they do had some sort of magical sh*t in the movie. So for how long will I wait for my soulmate? For as long as God will finally show me the sign. I’ve waited for 16 years for this so there is no harm on trying to wait for another 2 or more years. Hahahaha! I know I’m such a child at heart believing in all this signs and all, but it wouldn’t hurt right? I know someday, Mr. 27 the one from my fortune will be holding that magical sign and it will be perfect. The moment will be just right. Someday.

The red string of fate: Mr. 27
The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.