Love begins at Mambukal

And then Love was discovered during my Bacolod trip. Oh well, I never expected that love will ignite all the spark that the world can offer. After walking through the streets of Bacolod and experience their culture and food, I made a retreat at there famous mountain resort (Mabukal Mountain Resort).  A friend of mine had suggested to visit the resort and made sure to climb the entire waterfalls. Before going on the trip I made a little research, some visitors of the resort were not able to finish climbing the 7th fall others gave up after reaching the 5th falls. Thus, I really wondered how hard it was to climb the 7th fall. After all I have survived two trekking trips last year, so how hard is the trail going to the 7th fall could be?

Armed with my dora bagpack, we arrived at the mountain resort at half past 10, and checked in our luggage. Prepared for the trek, ordered lunch and killed the time gazing at the ceiling hahahha kidding! Of course there were some fun stuff to do while waiting.



I am an explorer with a Dora Bagpack :)

Right before we started, we took some snapshots of the nature, trail and talked about stuff. The first fall was easy, I never thought we will be able to reach the first falls right away. My trusted photographer and guide was vey supportive in taking my photos. Right after taking a break, we paved our way up and followed the trail for the second and third falls, unfortunately you are not allowed to take a dip of the falls.

In the middle of the trek I was panting like an old dog but of course, you wouldn’t want to project a helpless city girl right? So I pushed myself to reach the fifth falls where we had our stopover and ate lunch.

The stopover was a bit awkward, but nonetheless, my trusted guide made the trip worthwhile and comfortable. He was a complete gentleman. We decided to take a rest for a couple of minutes before going up to the last falls.


Can you spot me?


I think this was the 3rd falls.  Sorry I forgot.

There was no trail left, all you have to do is follow your instinct and asked the neighboring residences where the 7the fall is going. Some kids would bug you to be their guide, but we prefer to get lost in our own little world. While going up to the 7th fall, there was a ray of sunflowers which was showered from heavens, there was a moment of exhilarating happiness right from the pit of my stomach. Of course, as the complete happy girl, I made my way through the 7th falls. It was fulfilling and the scenery was breathtaking, change clothes to take a dip which was freakin’ cold by the way but the moments of giggling, playing and treating each split second of bliss, was all that mattered. It was one of the most extraordinary experience.



Finally the 7th falls.



GoPro shots by J. :)

After enjoying the falls we headed back to the resort, of course as usual my guide treated the trip like an adventure, no kids to help us go back to the resort all we did was challenged and trust our instinct. I was asked to choose where to go, since we were stuck with two pathway. I am bad at choosing because I always go with being neutral and pass the responsibility to another person, however he was very persistent in making me choose. So I made a choice of picking the road on the right. It was a long path, but I think I’ve made a great choice because not only it was very long but it gave us time to discover more about ourselves. It was tiring but worth it.  I think in life, short cuts are for the weak, we must be brave enough to traverse and face the longest road we can ever take, if we commit mistakes then, there is always room for change.

Right after we arrived back at the resort, we headed to there hot spring to calm ourselves and relax before capping the night off. Of course what happened after was history.

It was such an amazing experience and I will never exchange it for anything else.  Oh yes and the adventure continues…


Told you there was a ray of sunflower.  From J.


Top: USC Law Shirt

Bottom: Adidas Sport Leggings

Sandals: Tribu Trek Sandals

Bag: Titanium Bagpack

My six letter love story




Isn’t it a wonder how we sometimes blame technology for not being able to socialize and see things the old way. We’ve received advices to look up and interact with others so not to miss any opportunity or even the slight chance of meeting that someone, however in this world of smartphones and the rapid growth of technology there is a small piece of evidence that somehow in a thousand collection of faces we meet online, in a distant 50 miles radius, someone has bumped into your online self, probably its fate but somehow out of the thousand of faces, he saw you. He saw a different you, when most guys never saw before. He braved his way into your soul where no other guy was brave enough to go through. Out of that 50 miles radius, you clicked instantly, though hesitant but from that first conversation there was never a dull moment, it’s as if you’ve known each other for a very long time. Nothing of that awkward getting to know you stage. It was more than the spark, it was purely serendipity when it happened.

Right after the first video call, the daily sharing of ideas, thoughts and inspirations unraveled. The exchange of how is your day? Have you eaten? How are you? What did you do today? And as each day passes by, I’ve learn to love life more; because somehow, someone has given me a reason to love my life again.

Out of the ordinary, a ray of sunshine has touched the dark corners of my heart, healing each broken promises and dreams. Slowly, my heart started to feel human again. The walls are slowly going down, my spirit has lifted up and my dreams are back to the pedestal of hope. These changes happened in just a swift of a moment, until the little box was never enough, there must be a manifestation if this is really real. So after 336 hours from the time we first talked online, we decided to take this into a whole new level; to test if these blissful world we have can survive the real world. Whether we are capable of feeling the same range of emotions the way we’ve felt in the cyberworld.

And then we met, without any missed chance, we just clicked, just like what happened in that first day. I’ve wondered, if fate and destiny is true, why life has brought me to you. You were no longer the guy sitting in front of the screen, you are now the guy I can finally touch, hold and feel.
The warmth of your existence sparkled into my heart.

That very day we met, the spark turned into an exploding bomb of emotions, it was a rollercoaster ride with more ups than downs. It was heaven in paradise. Nothing mattered, it was just you and I.

I didn’t know why, you came into my life, our love story might not be as conventional as what others had expected. People might be wary of how this love started, but little do they know we’ve built something stronger than any ordinary love story ever told. Because on that ordinary night of February 9, our stars has aligned to its perfect existence and brought our wandering souls as one despite the impending distance.

I love you.







Dedicated to my baby: Jullymar Selma. I love you.


BJF x PensandLens Giveaway

Woot, it has been a long time since my blog has hosted a giveaway.  A new blogger friend of mine is celebrating her birthday thus I am hosting for this fabulous giveaway.  Mary Narvasa is a Cebuana Blogger who has her heart set for food reviews.  She has a blog entitled Anything Delish (, which you should check out if you’re an ultimate foodie.  Every now and then though, she also indulges in the world of fashion and style, thus, the birth of BJF (

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Love Letter on Valentines Day

This is a letter to my new self, on Valentines Day. Sorry for the super late post, I forgot I had this saved in my draft folder. :)

February 14, 2014

Dear Sweet,

It’s been one year since you were officially single. I am way proud of you for not rushing on love. I know you had a few bad dates, bad suitors and bad lovers but you never gave up in the thought of finding the one.

I know you were pressured to get a partner in life since you turned 28 last year, but in the end you’ve enjoyed the company of friends. I saw you cried and got drunk over some infatuated love, yet you continued to radiate the usual you. I am happy that you’ve learn to love yourself more, even if you’ve spent most of your savings partying and traveling but I am glad you’ve enjoyed your single blessedness.

I do understand that there were times you’ve sat down inside a coffee shop hoping you’ll meet the man of your dreams just like the movies do. Or bump into him outside your school or you’ve dreamt of meeting him during one of your trips, but please, be rest assured that even if none of these came true, someday I know you will meet that man who will make you fall in love again.

I am happy that you’ve listen to your friends advise on how to give chances to men who wants to date you. To never judge them and turn them down when you go out. I am happy that little by little you’ve shown your soft side, even if guys would find you very intimidating at first but you’ve shown a different side of yourself, the loving, happy and free spirited Sweet.

Always remember to smile and cheer up all the time, because your smile is too precious not to be shared to the whole world. Don’t worry your valentines will be special, I can see someone is making you smile lately, I wish that someone is the person you’ve been praying for, the answer to your unending questions. You deserve to be happy, you deserved to be loved. You have given so much love to your family and friends, its time for you to receive one.

This Valentines, I know you are still single but inspired, continue to believe in love. I can see that someone is about to stay. You will be receiving so much love and affection from your admirers, lovers and friends because you definitely deserve everything.

My dear Sweet, never give up on Love. Keep believing that one day, the right person will come. I know his coming pretty soon. He might have been a decade late but his worth the wait. Enjoy your evening my dear and treat each day as Valentines Day.

Remember I will always be here for you, a reminder that once in your life you’ve cried, you’ve been hurt, you’ve made bad decisions in life but again you came out stronger, wiser and happier than ever before. I am so proud of you.

The Old You.

My brother surprised me with a note and a rose when I opened my bedroom door. Sweetness!

Second surprise I received from someone 50 miles away. Unexpected!

More surprised roses and balloons when I arrived at school.

A gift from my beloved cousin. My forever partner!

Last rose I received from a very special someone.


My official dates since last year. One person added in the clan. My crazy friends.

Sorry for the super late post guys! See you again next valentines day!

Hugs and Kisses. xoxox

The road to Alcoy.

My law books are finally placed on their shelves, my notes are stored in their respective boxes and my room started to look like a normal room again. I miss going to school but I was way too excited for summer to start. Right after our last exam, me and my Law School friends went out on a beach escapade. All my bags were pack the night before our road trip, got my swimwear ready, flip flops, my cateye sunglasses, tote bag, camera and my sunblock, I also manage to prepare some stuff for the team since most of us where still tipsy from the post exams party the night before but everything was all set for Alcoy.
Finally after numerous of postponed plans, we finally made our first out of Cebu trip. I was the designated driver but I have my friends who can take over the wheel if needed. We arrived late already so the boys started the fire to cook our food and the girls did the dishes and prepared our dinner. With a couple of tequilla shots and a glass of vodka after, everyone were already in their happy place. It was one hell of an impromptu trip. Even though half of the guys went home because of their respective boyfriend duties, while I settle in with my girlfriend duties, I am forever thankful that I belong to these amazing crew. I can’t wait for the school year to start pretty soon but before that, let me finish updating my summer escapades in my blog. More travel posts soon. Enjoy the photos.
Swimwear: Victorias Secret
Cover up: Jaspal
Sunnies: Sunnies by Charlie
FlipFlops: Plains & Prints